Edward Colless

Based in: Melbourne, Australia

Edward Colless is a Senior Lecturer of Critical and Theoretical Studies at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. Aside from education, he has in the past also worked in theatre, film, broadcasting and architecture, been a curator, occasionally worked as a travel writer, and dabbled in fiction—but mainly he writes art criticism. In this field he has been an arts reviewer for The Age and The Australian, and associate editor and features writer for Art Collector. He is currently editor of the journal Art+Australia, with its associated publishing program.


In The Works

Visual arts 101: lessons in influential artworks and their significance.
Dale Frank

Dale Frank: A New Sorcery

Dale Frank’s work, he justifiably declared, is “out there, all on its own...majestic and strange”.

Yvonne Audette: Oblique Angles

Yvonne Audette’s remarkable six-decade career is part of the history of abstraction in Australia. Recognition may have come slowly but was ultimately undeniable. There is an ever present power in her work, a power grounded in oblique hints at what lies beneath, gone beyond recall.