Cultural Capital: Talking about your collection

How to not sound like a pompous p**** when talking about the artists in your collection.

Cultural Capital: What's it really like to be a VIP in the art world?

From first dibs to fancy dinners, Andrew Frost and Carrie Miller discuss what it’s like to reach uber-collector status in the art world.

Cultural Capital: Why do people collect? Part 2

To contribute to general knowledge? Or your own general ego? In the second of this three-part series, Carrie Miller and Andrew Frost explore some more of the reasons people collect art.

Cultural Capital: Why Do People Collect? Part 1

Is it a quest for immortality? Or a quest to match your couch? In the first of this three- part series, Andrew Frost and Carrie Miller discuss some of the reasons people collect art.

Cultural Capital: Curators, or my childhood was stolen from me and judged harshly

Andrew Frost and Carrie Miller discuss artist/curators, the most elusive of arts professionals.


Agenda: The Real Thing

With new technology opening up innovative ways of viewing and collecting art, what does it mean to attend a commercial show in the 21st century?

Agenda: Making It Possible

Beyond buying work, art collectors are always finding new ways to support artists. Offering studio space is the latest philanthropic endeavor taking off in Melbourne and Sydney.

Agenda: Moving On

With the imminent closure of one of Australia’s oldest premiere galleries, we ask: what happens to an artist when their gallery closes?

Agenda: Building Blocks

A new technology is promising to solve the age-old art world problem of provenance.

Agenda: Monogamy versus Polygamy

To go to the gallerists or to the gram, that is the collector’s question. Our editor Camilla Wagstaff looks at changing relations between the main players of the art world.


Behind the Scenes: Eye on the Prize

There are now more than 500 art prizes available to Australian artists. So, who are the real winners?

Behind the Scenes: Social Snobs

Will social media herald the end of the art world as we know it?

Behind the Scenes: A World of Difference

Do we need to reassess our current strategies for marketing Australian art to the world?

Behind the scenes: Going the distance

In the midst of some significant commercial gallery milestones this year, we ask their directors: What gives a gallery staying power?

Behind The Scenes: Is Global Success A Golden Ticket?

What effect does international success have on the Australian artist’s market back home?

Behind The Scenes: Great Lengths

What is the optimum length for a successful commercial gallery exhibition?


Money Sullies Art: Cashed-up and Collecting

A recent study reveals millennials are the most likely group to spend $1 million plus on an artwork. Is contemporary art the new Louis Vuitton?

Money Sullies Art: One less ear

Is the widely held view that art should never be produced with the market in mind a luxury of the privileged?

Money Sullies Art: Sovereignty Guaranteed

Is it possible for artists to undertake public or private commissions and keep their integrity intact?

Money Sullies Art: Gambler’s Logic

Jane O’Sullivan investigates the problem with prizes and how collectors can distinguish the meaningful wins from the blue ribbons in country halls.

Money Sullies Art: The Limits of Philanthropy

Philanthropy in the arts has always been about more than just money. Andrew Frost looks at where the influence of those who sign the cheques should be fettered.


Lifecycle of a Collector: The Split

In the first of this three-part series, we discuss the question: what happens to an art collection when a couple splits?

Lifecycle of a Collector: Right to copy

Collectors beware: owning a work of art does not mean owning copyright.

Lifecycle Of A Collector: Expanded Collecting

Ready to take your collector journey to the next level? Introducing expanded collecting.

Lifecycle of a Collector: Final Solutions

Joanna Mendelssohn on the many paths art can take after death, decluttering or different taste.


In the works: Art History 101

Visual arts 101: lessons in influential artworks and their significance.

In the works: Art History 101

Visual arts 101: lessons in influential artworks and their significance.

In the works: Art History 101

Visual arts 101: lessons in influential artworks and their significance.


Survey: Is it okay to negotiate price?

We asked: Is it okay to negotiate the price in the gallery?

Survey: Which art schools are turning out the best talent?

We asked: Which art schools are turning out the best talent?

Survey: What Makes A Collection Memorable?

We asked... What makes a collection memorable?

Survey: What is the most interesting collection you've ever seen?

We surveyed our writers, curators and artists about the most interesting collection they've ever seen...


With All Due Respect: Questioning the responsibility of ensuring provenance

In this special series where we aim to speak truth to power, we ask: How much responsibility does an auction house take for the provenance of an artwork?

With All Due Respect: Do we need an art world #metoo moment?

In this first installment of a regular feature in which we aim to speak truth to power, we start the conversation on the necessity of an Australian and New Zealand art world #metoo movement.