Kira Kiro Artists

A: 89 Kalumburu Blvd, Kalumburu, WA

P: + 61 8 9164 2212



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Instagram: @waringarri_arts

Kira Kiro artists are renowned for their depictions of detailed flora and fauna, as well as Kira Kiro Spirits and Wandjina imagery similarly found in the rock art in the north-western region of the Kimberley, Western Australia.

Established in 2009, the remote Art Centre represented senior artists such as Mary Punchi Clement and Mary Teresa Taylor. Today an ever-increasing number of younger artists are following in their elders’ footsteps and painting a diverse range of vibrant works.

Current Artists:

Betty Bundamurra

Rachel Clement

Amanda Waina

Regina Karadada

Margaret Peurmora

Jemma Unghango

Veronica Djanghara

Sylvia Djanghara

Matilda Oxtoby

Roger Boona

Angelina Karadada

And the estates of:

Mary Teresa Tailor

Gwen Clarke

Mary Punchi Clement

Mercy Fredericks

Image: Betty Bundamurra, Kira Kiro Happy Spirits, 2018. Natural pigment on canvas, 60 x 60cm.