Atong Atem


Atong Atem gears up to attend photo basel 2022 with MARS Gallery

Melbourne artist and representing gallery take awarded portrait photography practice to international fair.

Group exhibition: Be Here Now

MARS gallery presents a group exhibition.

Bumper program set for PHOTO 2022 International Festival of Photography

The biennale will bring 90 exhibitions and outdoor artworks to the streets of Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Atong Atem: Banksia

Benalla Art Gallery presents work by Atong Atem.

Group exhibition: Christmas Group Show

MARS Gallery presents a group exhibition.

Artist Profile: Atong Atem

Complex and drenched in personal and collective history, the work of Atong Atem asks us to refocus our gaze.

Public art restores life to Melbourne’s Chapel Street Precinct

Artists unite in effort to bring vibrancy to locked down city.

Atong Atem: Monstera Obliqua

MARS Gallery presents work by Atong Atem.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Atong Atem

Watch Briony Downes in conversation with artist Atong Atem about 'Bloom (Claudette)'.

What’s in the Stockroom: MARS Gallery

What's in the Stockroom at Melbourne's MARS Gallery?

Atong Atem: Portals

MARS Gallery presents work by Atong Atem.

Group Exhibition: MARS 15th Birthday

MARS Gallery presents a group exhibition for its 15th anniversary.
MAYSPACE_Our Common Bond

Group Exhibition: Our Common Bond

MAY SPACE presents the group exhibition Our Common Bond.


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