Kenny Pittock


Public art restores life to Melbourne’s Chapel Street Precinct

Artists unite in effort to bring vibrancy to locked down city.

Group exhibition: Shaping Wit

Art Space on The Concourse presents a group exhibition.

Kenny Pittock: Trying to leaf things better than we found them

MARS Gallery presents work by Kenny Pittock.

Group Exhibition: Do I have to spell it out for you?

Town Hall Art Gallery, Hawthorn, presents the group exhibition "Do I have to spell it out for you?"

Art Auction for FBi Radio

More than 70 of Australia’s established and emerging artists join the auction line-up.

Group Exhibition: MARS 15th Birthday

MARS Gallery presents a group exhibition for its 15th anniversary.

Kenny Pittock: Word Play

Kenny Pittock approaches his practice with sincerity, enthusiasm and whip fast wit, offering a refreshing perspective on the seemingly mundane everyday.

Kenny Pittock: Every Kind of Shape

Hugo Michell Gallery presents work by Kenny Pittock.

Kenny Pittock: Connector Pens Connecting

MARS Gallery presents work by Kenny Pittock.

Cool Hunter Predictions: Kenny Pittock

Possibly the coolest uncool person currently working in Australia, Kenny Pittock takes a playful view of contemporary culture.


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