Erica Van Zon


Erica van Zon: Deep deep icy blue

Jhana Millers presents work by Erica van Zon.

Group exhibition: Summer Selection

Jhana Millers Gallery presents a group exhibition.

Group exhibition: THE BIG THREE

Jhana Millers presents a group exhibition.

What’s in the Stockroom: Jhana Millers Gallery

This week we visit Wellington's Jhana Millers Gallery with director Jhana Millers.

Group Exhibition: Kāryn Taylor, Erica van Zon & Moniek Schrijer

Millers O'Brien presents work by Kāryn Taylor, Moniek Schrijer and Erica van Zon.
Group Exhibition: ONE

Group Exhibition: ONE

Millers O'Brien presents the group exhibition ONE.

Erica van Zon: Making Waves

Erica van Zon’s latest luscious works hail from the resorts and gardens of Upolu in Western Sāmoa, borne from what the artist calls a recent “non-art holiday”.


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