At Home With Your Collection

Welcome to our new series – At Home With Your Collection – where collectors currently in isolation present the artists in their collections, and we let you know how you can support them.


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Alex Seton

This week we visit artist Alex Seton at his lovely home, brimming with a diverse array of art.

Neighbour Oska the cat pays a visit.

Works clockwise from left: David George Ledger; Guy Maestri’s Balls Pyramid, 2010 (represented by Brisbane’s Jan Murphy Gallery); Ben Quilty’s Budgie, 2018 (represented by Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne); Gloria Petyarre’s Medicine Leaves, 2006 (represented by Sydney’s Kate Owen Gallery); a work by Thea Perkins (represented by Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane); the artist’s own Self Portrait, 1995 (represented by Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney); a 2015 work by Josey Kidd-Crowe (represented by Neon Parc, Melbourne); Abdul Rahman Abdullah’s Eulogy, 2011 (represented by Moore Contemporary, Perth).

On the mantelpiece: the artist’s own St Patricks Head, 2016; Laura Moore’s Untitled Stereoscope, 2016; work by Rosie Deacon; Mechelle Bounpraseuth’s Ibis Feasting, 2016; Vipoo Srivilasa’s No art no heart, 2014 (represented by Edwina Corlette Gallery); Tully Arnot’s 2013 Singing Bottles; the artist’s own Wish you were here, 2020; Kenny Pittock’s Sherbet Bombs, 2015 (working out of Cement Fondu, Sydney); Simon Bethune’s Artists Drivel; Gran Nimoy’s 2017 work I entered the world from a hollow cavern of a dream; Nell’s Three On One, 2011 (represented by Station Gallery, Sydney & Melbourne).

Above, Richard Lewer’s Harbour Bridge (represented by Sullivan+Strumpf), and underneath, Kenny Pittock’s FriendChips. To the left, the artist’s own SOS Paddles. Caroline Rothwell’s Chess Set, 2010-2013 (represented by Sydney’s Roslyn Oxley9); Sliver by May Barrie (1918-2014), 2007.

Clockwise from left: the artist’s own  Half Full AP, 2013Luke Thurgate’s Two Confirmed Perverts, 2020; Grace Kingston’s Stone Moss Pillows, 2010; the artist’s own Wish you were here 01, 2020.

On the wall, Karen Black’s (Im)possible Scenario 17, 2013 (represented by Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney); the artist’s own Monolith, 2017; Luke Sciberras’ Moonee Headland, 2016 (represented by King St Gallery, Sydney). Martin Sharp’s Young Mo, Nimrod (2nd Version), 1977; work by Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran, 2017, (represented by Sullivan+Strumpf). Work by David George Ledger; Guy Maestri’s Balls Pyramid, 2010 (represented by Brisbane’s Jan Murphy Gallery); Sophie Clague’s Shiny Bitumen, 2010; Sarah Field’s Chocolate Box; the artist’s own Explorer, 2005, Ed 7/8.