At Home With Your Collection

Welcome to our new series – At Home With Your Collection – where collectors currently in isolation present the artists in their collections, and we let you know how you can support them.


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Andrew Nicholls

At Home With WA curator and artist Andrew Nicholls.

Andrew with a work by Eubena Nampitjin. “Nampitjin is of course sadly deceased, but I had to include this work as it’s the treasure of my collection, since she was my favourite Australian artist.” Pictured with Andrew and his pedigree Abyssinian, Crazy.

A recent acquisition by senior Martu painter Jakayu Biljabu, from Martumilli Artists.

“A work by a legendary artist Jan Billycan who is, sadly, recently deceased. I actually wrote about this painting for Art Collector around a decade ago, and then years later had the opportunity to buy it from Short Street Gallery in Broome.”

Two diptychs, by senior WA artist Jurek Wybraniec (left: represented by Art Collective WA) and one of Spinifex Hill Studio’s emerging art stars, Gloria (right: Spinifex Hill Artists). “The Wybraniek works are significant as the studies for his iconic Surrogate Doppleganger series from the 2000s, one of my absolute favourite series of Western Australian paintings.”

“A small Louise Paramour canvas from a fantastic show at Turner Galleries in 2008. We only knew her sculptural work at that time and didn’t go to the exhibition planning to buy anything, but this painting was so fantastic we couldn’t help ourselves.”

“Two embroideries by Lucas Grogan that we acquired when he was working on a project for me many years ago. The project in question was horribly, horribly stressful (through no fault of my own) and these works seemed to perfectly capture the sinister atmosphere we were enduring at the time, with Lucas’ signature wry wit.” Grogan is represented by Martin Browne Contemporary and Hugo Michell Gallery.

A canvas by the late, great Nyaparu. “Gardiner’s works depict his memories of life after the 1946 Pilbara Strike, so it felt appropriate to hang this canvas with my collection Wembley Ware ceramics, produced in Western Australia from 1946-1961.”