Collector Profile: Walking on the Wild Side

Sydney-based collector Clinton Bradley began his collection with a focus on animals. He talks to Chloé Wolifson about a recent change in his approach; to bring together work by the artists of his own generation.

MOP/Galerie pompom: Back to Front

When MOP co-directors Ron and George Adams moved their artist run initiative to Chippendale in Sydney eight years ago, a commercial arm of the space, Galerie pompom, was born and is today run by Samantha Ferris.

Wayne Youle: State of Play

Wayne Youle is a man that mirrors his art – a man full of unexpected and surprising ideas in a perpetual state of evolution.

Jane Brown: Light and Darkness

Phip Murray talks to artist Jane Brown about her most recent photographic body of work which, skilfully hand printed in her own darkroom, explores the isolated history, culture and beauty of Japan with a captivating temporal ambiguity.

Adrienne Doig: Someone Like Me

Working primarily in self-portraiture, Adrienne Doig’s portrayal of self is constantly evolving.

Bugai Whyoulter

Indigenous artist Bugai Whyoulter has created a unique style within the tradition of Western Desert painting. Her innovative, energetic canvases are personal manifestations of broader cultural knowledge and history.

Peter Booth: Doorways, Dreams and Frozen Hands

Peter Hill sits down with Peter Booth to take a journey through the artist’s five-decade career, ahead of a new body of work.