Collector Profile: Simon Mordant

There is a new energy about philanthropist Simon Mordant.

Caroline Rothwell: Grants and Residencies

Born into a family of scientists, including a father who was an industrial chemist, Caroline Rothwell finds that an investigative approach comes naturally.

James Tylor: Curator's Radar

James Tylor's contemporary investigations are powerfully wrought through the reclamation of historical photographic processes such as albumen, cyanotype and daguerreotype.

Martin Basher: Collectors Love

With increasing confidence, Martin Basher does the dance of seducing us whilst also confronting our preconceptions around cultural value.

Star Gossage: Cool Hunter Predictions

Painter Star Gossage re-focus's her painting practice, capturing the spirit (wairua) of the land and her people.

Nicola Smith: Cool Hunter Predictions

Currently working towards a solo exhibition at Galerie pompom in February 2015, Smith has momentarily left cinema behind to create a series of paintings that reference her own photographs of urban locales.

Zoë Croggon: Cool Hunter Predictions

In Zoë Croggon's work there is an unerring sense of the possibility of movement in a static image.

Sarah Contos: Cool Hunter Predictions

Working across a variety of media including sculpture, collage, painting and installation, Sarah Contos employs an intimate emotional framework to explore broader narratives of desire.

Carlene West: Cool Hunter Predictions

Carlene West was one of the first Spinifex artists to embrace the paintbrush and the solo exhibition was a timely testament to her artistic maturity, ambition, adaptability and individual talent.

Lauren Winstone: Debutantes

The rim, the handle, the base and the wall: pot parts escape expectations in Auckland ceramicist Lauren Winstone’s works.