Adam Norton: The scientist

In both method and subject matter, Adam Norton brings a scientific approach to his art, probing the essential humanness in our capacity for scientific progress.

Collector Profile: London Calling

English collectors Stephanie Simon and Andrew Hale talk about their shared love for art, the friendships they have forged and the effect art has on their personal creativity.

Gretchen Albrecht: Curves of Enclosure

Painter Gretchen Albrecht is a master of colour and form. Blazing with energy, her canvases hover somewhere between a tactile present and a sensory infinite, nodding to the past while striving innovatively toward the future.

Campbell Patterson: Curious Poetry

Multidisciplinary artist Campbell Patterson’s practice explores the candid quirks and painstaking obsessions of life. Melissa Keys talks to the artist about his recent paintings where, just like life, simple may not be quite what it seems.

Ellarose Savage: The Savage Sea

Working from her island home of Erub in the Torres Strait, Indigenous artist Ellarose Savage has a deep personal connection to the sea, the life-giving force in Meuram culture.

Angus McDonald: Lessons of History

While there have always been elements of the metaphysical and the spiritual in Angus McDonald’s paintings, his recent work displays potent biblical and literary connotations that.

Stanislava Pinchuk: Mapping a Connection

Jo Higgins talks to artist Stanislava Pinchuk, also known by her pseudonym Miso, about her heartbreak over the civil war in her Ukrainian homeland, a pain that is meticulously and beautifully mapped in her recent pinhole works.

Karen Black: Beautiful Tragedies

Artist Karen Black talks to Prue Gibson about her recent trip to the Turkish/Syrian border where she worked with Syrian refugees – a trip that informs her latest work.