Survey: Is it okay to negotiate price?

We asked: Is it okay to negotiate the price in the gallery?

Money Sullies Art: Cashed-up and Collecting

A recent study reveals millennials are the most likely group to spend $1 million plus on an artwork. Is contemporary art the new Louis Vuitton?

Cultural Capital: Talking about your collection

How to not sound like a pompous p**** when talking about the artists in your collection.

Behind the Scenes: Eye on the Prize

There are now more than 500 art prizes available to Australian artists. So, who are the real winners?

Behind the Scenes: Social Snobs

Will social media herald the end of the art world as we know it?

In the works: Art History 101

Visual arts 101: lessons in influential artworks and their significance.

Behind the Scenes: A World of Difference

Do we need to reassess our current strategies for marketing Australian art to the world?

Lifecycle of a Collector: The Split

In the first of this three-part series, we discuss the question: what happens to an art collection when a couple splits?


Nadine Christensen wins R&M McGivern Prize

Melbourne artist takes out the $25,000 acquisitive award.

Niagara Galleries welcomes Sangeeta Sandrasegar

Sangeeta Sandrasegar joins Niagara Galleries.

A whale of a time: Patricia Piccinini’s 2020 commission

The NGA presents Patricia Piccinini’s Skywhalepapa, a radical hot-air balloon sculpture.

Sydney settles in the CBD

Sydney gallery Sydney takes up residence in Macquarie Street.


Gene and Brian Sherman: The Whole Picture

December 18, 2019/by Camilla Wagstaff

Sue Cato: Level Up

September 27, 2019/by Rosy Leake

Lindsay Clement-Meehan: The Model Millennial

June 28, 2019/by Rosy Leake

Lorraine Tarabay & Nick Langley: Remarkable Collectors

March 20, 2019/by Rosy Leake

Sandra Powell & Andrew King: Remarkable Collectors

March 20, 2019/by Rosy Leake

James Emmett and Peter Wilson: The art machine

February 13, 2019/by acmag2019

Karina Harris and Neil Hobbs: A never-ending story

October 2, 2018/by Camilla Wagstaff

Arthur Roe: The eyes have it

April 2, 2018/by Camilla Wagstaff

Gibbs Farm: A creative adventure

March 17, 2018/by Camilla Wagstaff

Teresa & Andre Biet: Art Incubators

February 2, 2018/by Camilla Wagstaff

Brian Tucker: Artkeeper

November 2, 2017/by Camilla Wagstaff

Alan Pigott and Alan Conder: Going the distance

September 2, 2017/by Camilla Wagstaff

Ginny Green: 20 years later

April 2, 2017/by Camilla Wagstaff

Sonja and Glenn Hawkins: The New Philanthropy

October 2, 2016/by Camilla Wagstaff

Charles and Leah Justin: The thirty-nine steps

July 2, 2016/by Camilla Wagstaff

Olivier Varenne: Globetrotter

April 2, 2016/by Camilla Wagstaff

Steve Shane: Picture House

October 16, 2015/by Camilla Wagstaff

Collector Profile: London Calling

July 16, 2015/by Rosy Leake

Collector Profile: Simon Mordant

June 11, 2015/by Rosy Leake

Collector Profile: Walking on the Wild Side

April 11, 2015/by Rosy Leake

Collector Profile: The Best Contenders

October 30, 2014/by Rosy Leake

Collector Profile: James Roland and Becky Sparks

August 16, 2014/by Rosy Leake

Judith Neilson: A Travelling Eye

June 30, 2014/by Rosy Leake

Collector Profile: Ten Cubed

October 25, 2013/by Rosy Leake

Simon and Catriona Mordant: Fortune and Philanthropy

October 2, 2008/by Rosy Leake