D’Lan Contemporary

A: 40 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC Australia

E: enquiries@dlancontemporary.com.au

W: dlancontemporary.com.au


Group Exhibition: REVERENCE

D'Lan Contemporary presents REVERENCE, an annual exhibition featuring works by leading and emerging Australian First Nations artists.

Spinifex Arts Project: Spinifex Country

D'Lan Contemporary presents a group of paintings from the Spinifex Arts Project gathered from a single, private collection.

Group Exhibition: Significant

D'Lan Contemporary presents a group exhibition.

D’Lan Contemporary Heads Stateside

Melbourne gallery to open new space in New York.

Group Exhibition: Facing East, Masterpieces from Buku-larrŋgay Mulka Centre

D'Lan Contemporary presents a group exhibition.

I AM THE LAW: Final Release from The Estate of Paddy Bedford

D'Lan Contemporary and William Mora Galleries present works by Paddy Bedford.

Group exhibition: REVERENCE

D'Lan Contemporary presents the third annual group exhibition titled REVERENCE.

Group exhibition: SIGNIFICANT

D'Lan Contemporary presents a group exhibition.

Minyintiri: Life in Layered Time

D'Lan Contemporary presents work by Dickie Minyintiri.


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