Galerie pompom

A: 27/39 Abercrombie St, Chippendale  NSW Australia

P: +61 4 430 318 438




Stefan Dunlop: The Peasant Wedding

Galerie pompom presents work by Stefan Dunlop.

Elvis Richardson: Time Frames

Galerie pompom presents work by Elvis Richardson.
Genevieve Felix Reynolds: Health

Genevieve Felix Reynolds: Health

Galerie pompom presents work by Genevieve Felix Reynolds.
Kate Vassallo: Floating Time

Kate Vassallo: Floating Time

Galerie pompom presents work by Kate Vassallo.

Group exhibition: 1919

Galerie pompom presents the group exhibition 1919.

Les Rice: Ersatz Totem

Galerie pompom presents work by Les Rice.

Kylie Banyard: Blue Ridge Moon

Galerie pompom presents work by Kylie Banyard.

David Manley: The Post Traumatic Urbanist

Galerie pompom presents work by David Manley.

Scott Gardiner: In and out of breath

Galerie pompom presents work by Scott Gardiner.

Kenneth Lambert: Data Blue - Notions of anonymity in the information age

Galerie pompom presents work by Kenneth Lambert.

Auckland Art Fair 2019 gallery lineup announced

Auckland Art Fair has officially gone annual.

What Next?: Scott Gardiner

Gardiner creates evocative multimedia works on canvas incorporating pigment, ink prints, acrylics, gloss and matt varnish to produce collage-like abstract compositions that reveal his passion for the sea.
Spring 1883 Tolarno square

Spring 1883 gallery lineup 2018

SPRING1883 is not your regular art fair.

Sydney Contemporary Announces 2018 Gallery List

Sydney Contemporary has stepped up its program for its first year as an annual art fair.
Sydney Contemporary 2017 performance

Fair de Force: Sydney Contemporary 2017

Barry Keldoulis isn’t joking when he says he’s most looking forward to the well-earned holiday that will follow the busy and hugely successful Sydney Contemporary Art Fair.
Auckland Art Fair

Gallery highlights at Auckland Art Fair 2016

What's not-to-be-missed at the newly-returned fair.

MOP/Galerie pompom: Back to Front

When MOP co-directors Ron and George Adams moved their artist run initiative to Chippendale in Sydney eight years ago, a commercial arm of the space, Galerie pompom, was born and is today run by Samantha Ferris.


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