Gallery 9

A: 9 Darley St, Darlinghurst NSW Australia

P: +61 2 9380 9909




Alice Wormald: Uncertain Circle

Gallery 9 presents work by Alice Wormald.

Group Exhibition: Things Change

Gallery 9 presents the group exhibition Things Change.

Michael G F Prior: Voice Over 2020

Gallery 9 presents work by Michael G F Prior.

Pollyxenia Joannou: Supervention

Gallery 9 presents work by Pollyxenia Joannou.

Michael Taylor: New Paintings and Collage

Gallery 9 presents work by Michael Taylor.

Paul Williams: Light Industrial

Gallery 9 presents work by Paul Williams.


Gallery 9 presents work by Tonee Messiah.

Kāryn Taylor: Electric Hum

Gallery 9 presents work by Kāryn Taylor.

David Lawrey and Jaki Middleton: The world is full of holes

Gallery 9 presents work by David Lawrey and Jaki Middleton.

Ryan Hancock: Harpooda

Gallery 9 presents work by Ryan Hancock.

Tim Price: 3 Paintings from Hobart and Surrounds

Gallery 9 presents work by Tim Price.

Michelle Hanlin: The Soft Rock Scene

Gallery 9 present work by Michelle Hanlin.
Ed Bats: The state of it

Ed Bats: The state of it

Gallery 9 presents work by Ed Bats.

Anthony Hodgkinson: Lovers Spear

Gallery 9 presents work by Anthony Hodgkinson.

Simon Kennedy: Solo exhibition

Gallery 9 presents work by Simon Kennedy.

Elaine Campaner: Solo exhibition

Gallery 9 presents work by Elaine Campaner.

Simon Blau: Circumstantial Evidence

Gallery 9 presents work bySimon Blau.

Louise Gresswell: Internal Shadows

Gallery 9 presents work by Louise Gresswell.

Auckland Art Fair 2019 gallery lineup announced

Auckland Art Fair has officially gone annual.

Ry David Bradley: What Next?

Ry David Bradley’s painting practice often uses imagery drawn from the internet, pixels, code and augmented reality, manipulating and render- ing them in abstracted material forms.

Melbourne Art Fair Gallery List Announced

The art world has been waiting with bated breath to hear about the gallery line-up at Melbourne Art Fair.

Sydney Contemporary Announces 2018 Gallery List

Sydney Contemporary has stepped up its program for its first year as an annual art fair.

Julian Hooper: New Directions

As far as Trans-Tasman artistic relations go, artist Julian Hooper is exemplary of the collegiate network between Australian and New Zealand audiences, given the artist’s collector base in both countries.

Denise Green: Poetic Logic

The four-decade practice of New York-based abstractionist Denise Green incorporates photographic as well as drawn and painted elements.

Adam Norton: The scientist

In both method and subject matter, Adam Norton brings a scientific approach to his art, probing the essential humanness in our capacity for scientific progress.

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran: Cool Hunter Predictions

For one so young, Nithiyendran is clearly an artist over-ripe with ideas and how they connect to materials, process, creation and display.

Anna Kristensen: Push and Pull

When Carrie Miller visited Anna Kristensen’s studio she found an artist deep in a push and pull with definitions of painting. It’s a struggle that always seems to return to the viewer.


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