LON Gallery

A: 136a Bridge Road, Richmond, VIC

P: +61 400 983 604

E: adam@longallery.com

W: longallery.com 


LON Gallery takes on three new artists

Melbourne gallery announces representation of painters Casey Jeffrey, Tim McMonagle, and Kate Wallace.

Ryan Hancock: Beserk Idyll

LON Gallery presents work by Ryan Hancock.

LON Gallery announces two new non-profit partnerships

Melbourne gallery demonstrates commitment to First Nations and environmental causes.

Group exhibition: Jeremy Eaton and Naomi Eller

LON Gallery presents work by Naomi Eller and Jeremy Eaton.

Sarah CrowEST: PACE

LON Gallery presents works by Sarah CrowEST.

Casey Jeffery: Homework

LON Gallery presents work by Casey Jeffery.

Kristina Tsoulis-Reay: Rondures

LON Gallery presents work by Kristina Tsoulis-Reay.

What’s in the Stockroom: LON Gallery

We visit Melbourne's LON Gallery, with director Adam Stone.

Group exhibition: It’s Raining in Sunshine

LON Gallery presents a group exhibition.

Adam John Cullen: Elton

LON Gallery presents work by Adam John Cullen.

Sarah CrowEST joins LON Gallery at new location

The artist to join LON Gallery’s stable of artists at new Richmond location.

Group Exhibition: Lots of Nudes

LON Gallery presents group exhibition Lots of Nudes.

Grace Wood: There Are No New Waves, Only Ocean

LON Gallery presents work by Grace Wood.

Tamara Marrington: Solo Exhibition

LON Gallery presents work by Tamara Marrington.

Dord Burrough: Dolores Death Door

LON Gallery presents work by Dord Burrough.

Tia Ansell and Simon Zoric join LON Gallery

Melbourne gallery adds new artists to its stable.

SPRING 1883: Art Luxe

The sixth iteration of Spring 1883 sees 24 handpicked galleries take over the luxurious Establishment Hotel in Sydney.


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