Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert

A: 20 McLachlan Avenue, Rushcutters Bay NSW, 2011

P: +61 2 9357 6606




VIDEO: Pull Focus with Izabela Pluta

What makes these particular artworks WORK as works of art?

Izabela Pluta: Measures of Refraction

Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert presents work by Izabela Pluta.

Don Cameron: Communion

Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert presents work by Don Cameron.

Group Exhibition: Dog Project

Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert presents the group exhibition 'Dog Project'.

Auckland Art Fair postponed

Auckland Art Fair announces postponement amidst coronavirus fears.

Johnny Nargoodah and Trent Jansen: Partu (Skin)

ARC ONE presents work by Johnny Nargoodah and Trent Jansen.

Lisa Reihana: Nomads of the Sea

Gallery Sally Dan Cuthbert presents work by Lisa Reihana.

And the Auckland Art Fair galleries are…

Auckland Art Fair announces 2020 participating galleries + a special ticket offer.

Group Exhibition: Summer Group Exhibition

Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert presents its Summer Group Exhibition.

Michael Gittings: I’ll be your mirror

Gallery Sally Dan Cuthbert presents work by Michael Gittings.

Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert opens its doors

Sally Dan-Cuthbert opens her first commercial gallery in Sydney with a strong starting stable.


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