Sophie Gannon Gallery

A: 2 Albert St, Richmond VIC Australia

P: +61 3 9421 0857




Get Ready for Melbourne Art Fair 2024

Check out the fair’s full lineup, special events, and much more…

What’s on for Melbourne Art Fair 2024

Find out what we know so far about the gallery list, program highlights, and a new commission…

Collectors Love: Laura Jones

Collectors voted with their wallets at these sell-out shows.

Sophie Gannon Gallery now representing Jonathan Ben-Tovim

Artist and designer joins Melbourne gallery’s stable, shining a light on global trends.

Nathan Hawkes: In The Early Lessons

Sophie Gannon Gallery presents work by Nathan Hawkes.

Nathan Hawkes: New Paintings

Sophie Gannon Gallery presents work by Nathan Hawkes.

Cameron Gill: Arthur and Martha

Sophie Gannon Gallery presents work by Cameron Gill.

Ryan Hoffmann: A white flower can also be a ghost

Sophie Gannon Gallery presents work by Ryan Hoffmann

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Emily Ferretti

Watch artist Emily Ferretti in conversation with Louise Martin-Chew about her work 'Falling Tree'.

Sophie Gannon Gallery picks up Amber Boardman

Melbourne gallery adds American-born artist to its stable.

Collector’s Dossier: Judith Wright

For more than 35 years Judith Wright has explored the otherworldliness of everyday happenings.

Sophie Gannon Gallery picks up Nathan Hawkes

With the AGNSW acquiring two of Hawkes’ recent works, the artist continues on an upward trajectory.

New representation for Celia Gullett

Sydney-based colourist joins the ranks of Sophie Gannon Gallery.

Melbourne Art Fair Goes Virtual

Melbourne Art Fair to host virtual fair in June.

MAF participating galleries

Melbourne Art Fair returns to Melbourne in June.

Melbourne Art Fair Gallery List Announced

The art world has been waiting with bated breath to hear about the gallery line-up at Melbourne Art Fair.
Judith Wright

Collectors Love: Judith Wright

Sound is integral to Judith Wright’s installations and video work.
Sam Cranstoun

Sam Cranstoun: Post-Internet Painter

Sam Cranstoun’s practice has focused on historical events, incidents and figures, which he says, “Often involves archival research as well as a process of compulsively collecting images to use as potential drawings or paintings."

Leslie Rice: Black Velvet

While his early life was entwined wih tattooing, Leslie Rice is moving on.
Huseyin Sami-portrait

Huseyin Sami: Smashing Colours

With an appetite for experimentation and a thirst for historical knowledge, Huseyin Sami isn’t your garden-variety painter.


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