West Space 2019 fundraising exhibition: in support of art

Melbourne’s West Space offers works donated by Australia’s top artists in support of emerging practice.

Words: Nell Cohen

West Space’s 2019 annual fundraising exhibition The Process of Making is an opportunity to give back.

Featuring works by some of Australia’s top artists (including Callum Morton, Sarah Contos, David Noonan, Sanne Mestrom, Nick Mangan, Patrick Hartigan and Yhonnie Scarce) the show gives collectors the opportunity to acquire unique works at accessible prices, at the same time supporting emerging and conceptual practice. West Space says this year’s proceeds will be directed to funding the gallery’s relocation to the Collingwood’s Art Precinct, opening next year.

The exhibition deviates from traditional methods of exhibition fundraising, with artists donating completed works as well as art-making materials. Director Amelia Wallin says the gallery has received a range of donations for this year’s event: “Some artists have donated finished work, others have donated preparatory sketches, sculptures and test prints, and others have used the opportunity to submit studio experiments and try something new within their practice. The works on offer are very materially and conceptually diverse.”

West Space was founded by artists Brett Jones and Sarah Stubbs 26 years ago to provide an independent artist-led program offering free exhibition space and curatorial support for young and emerging artists, while encouraging an experimental art-making environment. The gallery and program has also maintained a leading voice in contemporary art concerns.

The Process of Making opens 6:30-8:30pm Thursday 2 May 2019 and runs until Saturday 11 May 2019.

The Process of Making Featured artists:

A Constructed World, Adam John Cullen, Alicia King, Andrew Hazewinkel, Anita Cummins, Antonia Selbach, Ariane Jaccarini, Benjamin Baker, Bertha Putri, Brahmony McCrossin, Brendan Huntley, Brian Fuata, Bronte Stolz, Bryan Spier, Callum Morton, Cate Consandine, Chris Bond, Christopher LG Hill, Chris Mason, Claire Lambe, Clare Milledge, Colleen Ahern, Conor O’Shea, Dan Moynihan, David Noonan, David Rosetzky, Elsie Preston, Elynor Smithwick, Emanuel Rodriguez-Chaves, Emily Ferreti, Emma Finneran, Fiona Abicare, Gavin Bell, Gervaise Netherway, Gian Manik, Grace Wood, Gussie Vinall Richardson, Guy Grabowsky, Helen Johnson, Irene Hanenburgh, Isabella Darcy, Isadora Vaughan, Jarrah de Kuijer & Simon McGlinn, James Nguyen, Jan-Holger Mauss, Jason Phu, Jemi Gale, Jill Fitzpatrick, John Nixon, Jonny Niesche, Jon Campbell, Jordan Halsall, Juan Davila, Justin Balmain, Justin Davies, Kate Powe, Katrina Dobbs, Kiron Robinson, Laith McGregor, Lou Hubbard, Louise Paramor, Madeline Sima, Marian Tubbs, Mark Rodda, Mark Shorter, Marlee McMahon, Matilda Davis, Matthew Harris, Michael Kennedy, Miles Davis, Mimi Fitzsimmons, Mitchel Cumming, Nick Mangan, Nick Modrzewski, Nick Mullaly, Nick Selenitsch, Nikos Panzopolis, Noriko Nakamura, Patrick Hartigan, Paul Williams, Raafat Ishak, Rafaela Pandolfini, Rafaella McDonald, Rebecca Scibila, Rudi Williams, Sanne Mestrom, Sanja Pahoki, Sarah Braiser, Sarah Contos, Sarah CrowEST, Sean Peoples, Shannon Lyons, Taree Mackenzie, Tia Ansell, Tony Garifalakis, Trevelyan Clay, Trent Crawford, Trev Clay, Tully Moore, Victoria Stoltz, Yhonnie Scarce, and more to be announced.

Image: Claire Lambe, from the series: I came home that night in Tears. Ukina No1 (2017). Courtesy: the artist and West Space, Melbourne. Photo: Christo Crocker. 


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