Collector Profile: Graeme and Mabie Briggs

The Graeme and Mabie Briggs Collection of Latin American Art is expansive and thought provoking, positioning work from Latin America alongside Australian greats.

Dealer Profile: Laree Payne

Laree Payne’s commitment to Kirikiriroa/Hamilton, the fourth largest city in Aotearoa, is the driving force behind her gallery.

Art Centre: An Ali Curung Renaissance

The lifeforce of Kaytetye Country is palpable within the works of artists from Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre.

Artist Profile: Conor Clarke

The photographs of Conor Clarke consider the relationship between unspoiled natural landscapes and the colonial gaze.

Artist Profile: Georgia Spain

With a knockout solo show and new gallery representation, Georgia Spain is setting collectors’ tongues wagging.

Artist Profile: Nathan Hawkes

For Nathan Hawkes, there’s just so much to enjoy in the simple pleasure of making.

Artist Profile: Kirsten Coelho

For the first time in her three-decade long ceramic practice, Kirsten Coelho explores the possibilities of terracotta.

Artist Profile: James Drinkwater

James Drinkwater’s latest works were conceived during his 2021 stay in artist Julian Schnabel’s Long Island holiday house. But then, he let time do its work on his memories.

Collector’s Dossier: Ricky Maynard

For four decades, Ricky Maynard has questioned the photographer’s role, the influence of the image in society and its persuasive power.

Artist Profile: Spencer Lai

Spencer Lai serves up desire with gemstones and faux fur.