Nicholas Harding: Dragonflies and Parrots

Sophie Gannon Gallery presents work by Nicholas Harding.

Alexander McKenzie: The Source

Martin Browne Contemporary presents work by Alexander McKenzie.

Ed Bats: Don’t Mind if I Don’t

Page Galleries presents work by Ed Bats.

Juan Ford: Abyssal Figuration

THIS IS NO FANTASY presents work by Juan Ford.

Joan Ross: I like to name everything after myself

N.Smith Gallery presents work by Joan Ross.

Makiko Ryujin: Resonance

Sophie Gannon Gallery presents work by Makiko Ryujin.

Ray Haydon: Passage

Sanderson Contemporary Art presents work by Ray Haydon.

Paul Ryan: Becalmed

James Makin Gallery presents work by Paul Ryan.

Max Bowden: Habits

James Makin Gallery presents work by Max Bowden.

Mick Wikilyiri: Ngayuku Ngura – My Country, Apara Springs

Alcaston Gallery presents work by Mick Wikilyiri.

Yaritji Young: Ngura Kunpu – Strong Country

Alcaston Gallery presents work by Yaritji Young.

Louise Tuckwell: Cuboids

Gallery 9 presents work by Louise Tuckwell.

Alex Spremberg: Alternative Facts

Art Collective WA presents work by Alex Spremberg.

Michaye Boulter: What Stays Within

Bett Gallery presents work by Michaye Boulter.

Olive Gill-Hille: Trunk

Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert presents works by Olive Gill-Hille.

Michael Zavros: Z Garden

Sullivan+Strumpf presents work by Michael Zavros.


VIDEO: Pull Focus with Tamara Dean

Watch artist Tamara Dean in conversation with Briony Downes about her work ‘Smoke Signals’.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Cyrus Tang

Watch artist Cyrus Tang in conversation with Charlotte Middleton about her work ‘Power Cables’.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Kirsten Coelho

Watch artist Kirsten Coelho in conversation with Emma O'Neill about her work 'Chroma'.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Caroline Rothwell

Watch Camilla Wagstaff in conversation with Caroline Rothwell about her project ‘Infinite Herbarium’.


Ngununggula, the Southern Highlands’ first regional art gallery, opens with a bang

Five years in the making, the long-awaited gallery brings art and culture to the fore.

LON Gallery takes on three new artists

Melbourne gallery announces representation of painters Casey Jeffrey, Tim McMonagle, and Kate Wallace.

New public art gallery to open in Sydney

A historic Double Bay building has been reinvented as Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf, set to open in November.

THIS IS NO FANTASY now representing Ezz Monem

Melbourne gallery picks up Egyptian photographic artist Ezz Monem.