ON THE COVER: Philjames and Polly Borland, Untitled, 2021. Oil on archival cotton rag on aluminium, 160 x 128cm. Courtesy: the artists and Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne.


The noteable exhibitions to be staged across the region this quarter.

Cultural capital
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Money sullies art
The art of social media marketing.

With all due respect
A cautionary tale: what went wrong with Santiago Sierra’s Union Flag?

On the couch
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Inside the covers
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Behind the scenes
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Art under 5k
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Pull focus
Three art critics discuss what makes three major pieces work as works of art.

Critic’s choice
Three artists who have recently captured the attention of Marcus Schutenko, Director of the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory.

Collector’s dossier
Louise Martin-Chew on how Judith Wright explores the otherworldliness of everyday happenings.

Look again
The work of Atong Atem asks us to refocus our gaze. Diego Ramirez writes.

The impetus of doubt
Jo Higgins on how Tonee Messiah proposes new terrain.

He’s a seeker
The work of Brent Harris is a powerful testament to his enduring curiosity. Jacqueline Millner writes.

A higher power
Danny Lacy on how Sam Jinks defies the logic of construction.

The sandman is coming
Edward Colless previews Mikala Dwyer’s highly anticipated next Sydney exhibition.

Piece of cake
Melody Willis on how Scott Duncan melds kitsch and antiquity.

Looking out; looking in
Christian Thompson expands our understanding of constructed realities. Jo Higgins writes.


Art Centre: ocean going
Erub Arts reaches far-flung audiences across the globe.

Dealer: tried, tested and triumphant
James Makin Gallery exemplifies the ethos of a truly refined commercial gallery.

Collector: a full life
Ron and George Adams are quickly running out of room for their ever-growing art collection.

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Portrait of a gallerist
Siblings Emma and Jack Bett are third generation gallerists.

What to expect at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale 2021.

We asked collectors: What’s your relationship with the first artwork you ever bought?

One sentence reviews
Recent exhibitions summed up in a single sentence.