Collector’s Dossier: Wendy Stavrianos

For Wendy Stavrianos, exploring a psychological connection between nature, body and mind has sometimes been political, but mostly philosophical.

On the Couch: John Gow and Gary Langsford

John Gow and Gary Langsford opened Gow Langsford Gallery in Auckland more than three decades ago. Today, their legacy continues in new spaces.

The Test of Time: Gallerist Paul Greenaway and Artist Deborah Paauwe

Gallerist Paul Greenaway and artist Deborah Paauwe tell us the single most important thing about their relationship that has given it longevity.

Money Sullies Art: Taking a Knife to Art

Fractionalism is reported to be taking the art market by storm, but do you really want piece of that pie?

Behind the Scenes: Hard Done

The world’s mega galleries unashamedly poach artists from smaller galleries. It doesn’t seem fair to the galleries that have done the hard yards in discovering the artist and supporting their early, often lossmaking exhibitions. Or is that just the game we’re playing?

Art Fairs: Go In Good Stead

The art fairs you should pay attention to in the upcoming quarter.

Collector Profile: Andrew Martin

At the heart of Andrew Martin’s collecting and patronage practices is a view that a vibrant arts community is a vital pillar of our culture.

With All Due Respect: Money Mad

The idea of art as investment is not new, but is it time for the artworld to reckon with its continuing illusions of virtue?

Cultural Capital: Portrait of a Perfect Collector

From the very first purchase through to the formation of a contemporary art collection, five leading dealers tell Elizabeth Fortescue the things they believe make up the mindset of the perfect collector.

Maria Kozic is B-ecoming Part of Neon Parc

The Melbourne gallery has added an indomitable feminist artist to its stable.