A:64 Wittenoom St, Bunbury, WA

P: +61 8 9792 7323

E: artgallery@bunbury.wa.gov.au

W: brag.org.au

Bunbury Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) is the premier public art gallery in the South West region of Western Australia.

The gallery is housed in one of Bunbury’s oldest historic buildings – a distinctively pink former convent that was transformed into a gallery in 1987.

BRAG is home to the City of Bunbury Collection, the largest public art collection in the region. With six formal exhibition spaces as well as community facilities, BRAG offers a stimulating program of regional, state and national exhibitions.

BRAG invites visitors to discover the creativity of the South West and beyond through a diverse program of exhibitions, lectures, events and workshops.

BRAG is owned and managed by the City of Bunbury.


The Bunbury Regional Art Gallery supports several major art awards in the South West, including the Bunbury Biennale, Noongar Country, South West Survey and Iluka Visions exhibitions. Each highlight the diversity and quality of the arts in the South West and beyond.


  • Free guided tours
  • Gallery shop
  • Historic building
  • Onsite parking
  • Wheelchair access
  • Workshops & classes


Stewart Scambler: Naked in the Land

Bunbury Regional Art Gallery presents work by Stewart Scambler.

Col Jordan: The Greek Paintings

BRAG and Mossenson Galleries presents The Greek Painting by Cole Jordan.

Group Exhibition: Bunbury Biennale, Culture / Nature

Bunbury Regional Art Gallery presents Bunbury Biennale Culture / Nature.

Robyn Bischoff: A Colourful Life

Bunbury Regional Art Gallery presents A Colourful Life by Robyn Bischoff.

Studio Art Quilt Associates: Oceania, Distance and Diversity

Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, WA, presents a group exhibition of works by the Studio Art Quilt Associates.

Group Exhibition: Epic Works, Selections by the Director from the Lloyd and Liz Horn Collection

Bunbury Regional Art gallery presents selected works from the collection of Lloyd and Liz Horn.

Elaine Clocherty: Walking with the Ancestors

Bunbury Regional art Gallery presents Walking with the Ancestors by Elaine Clocherty

Tony Windberg: Wonders of the Worlds

Bunbury Regional Art Gallery presents work by Tony Windberg

Monique Tippett: My Darling – Forest Souls

Bunbury Regional Art Gallery presents work by Monique Tippett.

Bunbury Biennale: HE | SHE | THEY

Bunbury Regional Art Gallery presents a group exhibition.

Group Exhibition: Iluka Visions 2020

Bunbury Regional Art Gallery presents the group exhibition Iluka Visions 2020.