A: 21 Easey Street, Collingwood, Melbourne, 3066

P: +61 4 5010 3744

E: info@futuresgallery.com.au

W: futuresgallery.com.au


What’s on for Melbourne Art Fair 2024

Find out what we know so far about the gallery list, program highlights, and a new commission…

Sarah Drinan: Flesh Boundaries

FUTURES presents work by Sarah Drinan.

Chunxiao Qu: Art is a washing machine that is washing itself

FUTURES presents work by Chunxiao Qu.

Group Exhibition: never together

FUTURES presents a group exhibition.

Daniel Noonan and Sam Martin: Cosmic Glory

FUTURES presents the work of Daniel Noonan and Sam Martin.

Artist Profile: Narelle Desmond

With answers up for grabs, the work of Narelle Desmond investigates how we live and make.

Spring1883 Is Back

The contemporary art fair Spring1883’s eighth edition will be held at The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne.

Narelle Desmond: Autotimer

FUTURES presents work by Narelle Desmond.

Nicholas Currie: DOG Paintings and Candles

FUTURES present a solo exhibition by Nicholas Currie.

Group Exhibition: The Bad Gardener

FUTURES presents a group exhibition.

Hootan Heydari: The Past is Present

FUTURES presents work by Hootan Heydari.

Tim Bučković: as, via, sets of gathering

FUTURES presents Tim Bučković's latest exhibition as, via, sets of gathering.

Matilda Davis: Romantic Geometry: Measuring the Emotional Spiral

FUTURES presents work by Matilda Davis.

Matthew Harris: Goo

FUTURES presents work by Matthew Harris.


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