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In late 2021 the much-anticipated Rockhampton Museum of Art (ROMA) will be unveiled to the public.

The 4,700 square metre building will become the home of Rockhampton’s nationally significant art collection, as well as being a place of community and gathering, where connections are forged, skills acquired, a love of art nurtured and history celebrated.

Delivering for, and servicing, the broader Central Queensland region (a region that spans from Mackay, Gladstone and Rockhampton through to the Gemfields and the inland city of Emerald and out to Longreach), ROMA will increase the community’s exposure to the arts and culture through a range of innovative onsite and offsite activities and opportunities.

ROMA will engage actively with the regional community and its visitors, inspiring and enriching their lives through programs that encourage participation in, and appreciation of, the visual arts.

It will strive to provide the community with access to national practicing artists and arts, to ignite the arts and culture as an interest area for the current and next generations, whilst remembering the past.

The gallery vision brings together leading artists across Australia who hold connections to place and people of Rockhampton and the broader Central Queensland.

This array of artists ensures ROMA develops connections with audience and community, while also upholding the development of great artists and arts workers.

ROMA will be a driving force in the reinvigoration of the CBD not only as the commercial heart of the city, but as the cultural heart, bringing to life Quay Street and the broader cultural precinct.

The Quay Street Cultural Precinct will create a center for creative innovation, learning and culture, as well as re-inspiring the regional creative community and introduce new audiences to the city and region.

ROMA aims to be a powerhouse of creativity, a meeting place of arts and education, and Queensland’s leading regional gallery.

ROMA is funded by the Australian Government through the Building Better Regions Fund; the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and through the Building Our Regions program; and Rockhampton Regional Council.


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Group Exhibition: Inside Out

Rockhampton Art Gallery presents the group exhibition 'inside out'.

Noel Brady: Clockwork Royals

Rockhampton Art Gallery presents work by Noel Brady.

Group Exhibition: Safe Space: Contemporary Sculpture

Rockhampton Art Gallery presents the group exhibition titled 'Safe Space' featuring contemporary sculpture.

Ainslie McMahon: Panorama

Rockhampton Art Gallery presents work by Ainslie McMahon.

Group Exhibition: Preserved: Art in a Jar

Rockhampton Art Gallery presents the group exhibition Preserved: Art in a Jar.

Jon Cattapan: The Spaces of and Between

Rockhampton Art Gallery presents work by Jon Cattapan.