IN BED WITH… Sotiris Sotiriou

We curl up with COMA gallery cool kid Sotiris Sotiriou (in bed with partner Claudia De Berardinis), to find out how they’re keeping themselves busy in isolation.

What you are reading?

Sotiris is reading The White Album by Joan Didion, the Lee Krasner monograph published for the Barbican and the Matisse/Picasso publication for the recent NGA exhibition.

Claudia is reading In the Dream House by Carmen Maria Marchado and Brae: Recipes and Stories from the Restaurant by Dan Hunter.

What you are watching?

We are watching the final couple of seasons of Mad MenDevs created by Alex Garland, Frances Ha by Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach, and slowly re-working through the Studio Ghibli films.

What you are listening to?

At the moment we are listening to a lot of Dulce Quental, Yaeji, Music Factory, Thundercat, Rosalia, Future and Kehlani.

What else are you doing?

At this stage as restrictions are easing, we are getting away to the country to cook and walk while at home it’s a lot of reading and writing.

Sotiris is working on gallery programming and a couple of special projects such as a conversation series as well as a personal publication, and Claudia is building a new online platform while working through some experimental/conceptual texts centred around eating and living.

Image: Sotiris Sotiriou and Claudia in bed with Art Collector in Sydney.


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