The Test of Time

Gallerist Philip Bacon and artist William Robinson tell us the single most
important thing about their relationship that has given it longevity.

W I L L I A M   R O B I N S O N

“His experience…” 

Philip Bacon Gallery has the feeling of welcome from an old friend. Philip gives attention to everything I am as an artist and this includes personal needs, security, friendship and knowing that the gallery has a reputation that has lasted many years. Collecting art is surprisingly complex. Philip is able to see this, and I value his experience and knowledge of art history and present developments and his view of me as an artist. [He] is able to do this with great care and consideration, leaving me to get on with any art I can do at the present. His philanthropic contribution to the arts helps preserve work and build on collections for the community. The trust I have in Philip is built on all of this.

Featured Image: William Robinson in his studio, 2000. Courtesy: the artist and Philip Bacon Gallery, Brisbane.

P H I L I P   B A C O N

His trust…

For me, the most important thing in a longterm relationship, and that means all relationships, not just artist/dealer, is trust, and trust is earned, not given, and takes time, and effort, on both parties. With Bill, I trust him totally, both his personal artistic instincts, and his take on people, art movements and fashions, indeed on society generally. We are in furious agreement on most things, so our conversations are always convivial, and as he is one of the wittiest people I know, always punctuated with gales of laughter.

This article was originally published in Art Collector issue 104, April – June 2023. 


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