Andrew Purvis

Based in: Adelaide, Australia

Andrew Purvis is a curator, arts writer, artist and educator. He is the curator at Adelaide Central Gallery, and has previously curated exhibitions for the City of Adelaide, the Lawrence Wilson Gallery, and the Fremantle Art Centre. His writing has been published by ArtLink, Art Monthly, Art & Australia, Art Collector, and Un Magazine. He has previously taught at Curtin University and Adelaide Central School of Art.  He has exhibited at the John Curtin Gallery, and the Fremantle Art Centre. In 2017, Andrew collaborated with Sasha Grbich to establish the Department of Non-Corporeal Affairs, a paranormal research body and participatory art work. His recent projects include Nicholas Folland’s exhibition Other Homes and Gardens.


Deborah Paauwe: Secret World

Andrew Purvis explores Deborah Paauwe’s photographic studies of girlhood and womanhood and the blurred lines between the two.