Karungkarni Art and Culture Aboriginal Corporation

A: L65 Buntine Hwy, Kalkaringi, NT

P: +61 427 177 779

E: karungkarniart@gmail.com

Facebook: KarungkarniArt

Instagram: @karungkarniart

KARUNGKARNI Art and Culture Aboriginal Corporation is owned and governed by the Gurindji artists of the Kalkaringi and Daguragu Community in the Victoria River Region of the Northern Territory. Kalkaringi/Daguragu is the birthplace of land rights for Aboriginal people in Australia. Protesting their deplorable working and living conditions, and for the rights to the land of their fathers and their forefathers, over two hundred Gurindji people camped in the Victoria River bed at Kalkaringi after courageously walking from Wave Hill Cattle Station under the leadership of Vincent Lingiari in 1966.

The name of the Art Centre, Karungkarni, refers to the important Child Dreaming hill to the south. In 2011, its elders, many of whom took part in the Wave Hill Walk Off, established the Corporation to maintain and strengthen the cultural knowledge of Gurindji people, and to pass on the art, language, culture and history to the younger generations. Karungkarni Art supports the production, promotion and sale of artwork by local artists and is the focal point for community cultural activities. The artwork is distinguished by its exquisitely precise and vibrant dot painting style.

Image: Rachel Rennie Naparurla, Kunanturu (Bush Bean). Acrylic on Belgian linen, 61cm x 122cm. Photo: Penny Smith. Courtesy: Karungkarni Art and Culture Aboriginal Corporation.


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