Tjarlirli Art

A: PMB 95 via Alice Springs, NT

P: +61 8 8956 7777



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Tjarlirli Art Centre represents the artists of Tjukurla in the Ngaanyatjarra lands of Western Australia. The Art Centre is a hub of activity and creation and is positioned in one of the most remote communities in Australia. Located on the fringes of the Pintupi Lands, the artists share strong ties with the Papunya movement and have a reputation for an individual and captivating style. The art created at Tjarlirli Art resonates with the People’s deep passion for Country and culture.

In 2016 Tjarlirli Art strengthened its ties to Kaltukatjara, NT (Docker River) by opening a second Art Centre to represent the already established artists who have been painting with Tjarlirli Art for many years. Tjarlirli Art’s core business is the preservation, maintenance and promotion of the artwork of the Ngaanyatjarra, Pintupi & Pitjantjatjara people through nurturing the development of traditional and contemporary artistic practice, exploring new mediums and innovative opportunities for creative expression.

Work from Tjarlirli Art is commanding the attention of discerning collectors and has been acquired by a number of major collections in Australia and abroad.

Current Artists

Bob Gibson

Katjarra Butler

Tjukupati James

Valmayi Nampitjinpa

Tjawina Porter

Eileen Giles

Patricia Orgula

Mary Gibson

Annie Farmer

Denise Brady

Ronnie Allen

Henry Farmer

Fiona Young

Sally Butler

Faith Butler

Nerida Giles

Myra Giles

Jillian Giles

Rosalind Yibardi

Martha Protty

Selina Kulitja

Julieanne Farmer

Morita Ward

Aaron Pei Pei

Carlie Bennett

Mona Mitchell

Bonnie Connelly

Marlene Connelly

Deborah Young

Nola Bennett

Adam Butler

Andrea Giles

Millie Pei Pei

Jimmy Nukati

Sheila Giles

Bevan Young

Ruby James

The estates of: 

Neil Maxwell

Nginku Kulitja

Esther Giles

Nyarapayi Giles

Image: Katjarra Butler painting, Ngamurru at Tjarlirli Art Centre, Tjukurla.