A: Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Cultural Centre, Uluru, NT

P: +61 8 8956 2537

E: art@walkatjara.com

W: walkatjara.com

Facebook: walkatjara

Instagram: @walkatjara

SITUATED AT Uluru in the heart of the Red Centre, Walkatjara Art is Mutitjulu Community’s Art Centre, a not-for-profit community enterprise owned and directed by Anangu. The Art Centre is located within the cultural centre of the Uluru- Kata Tjuta National Park in the Northern Territory. Walkatjara Art supports young and senior artists from Mutitjulu who are known for creating vibrant and culturally strong paintings that depict local Tjukurpa stories. The

Art Centre is a positive environment where local artists can relax and express themselves creatively. Artists take pride in their work and in their Art Centre, and are strong advocates for local culture.Visitors are welcome to visit Walkatjara Art, meet the artists and learn about Anangu culture. The purchase of artworks from Walkatjara directly supports Mutitjulu artists and their community. Walkatjara Art is open seven days a week and is wheelchair accessible.

Image: Artists Judy Carroll, Janice Carroll, Millie Coulthard, Deborah Walkabout, Dulcie Moneymoon and Helen Carroll, Uluru, 2019. Photo: Heven-Lee Osborne. Courtesy: Walkatjara Art.


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