Imants Tillers


Imants Tillers: As soon as tomorrow

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery presents work by Imants Tillers.

Imants Tillers: Fierce Paradise: Paintings from Blairgowrie

Bett Gallery presents work by Imants Tillers.

Group Exhibition: The Power of Language

Roslyn Oxley9 presents the group exhibition, The Power of Language

What’s in the Stockroom: Arc One Gallery

We peruse Melbourne’s Arc One Gallery, with director Fran Clark.

What’s in the Stockroom: GAGPROJECTS / Greenaway Art Gallery

We wander through Adelaide’s GAGPROJECTS / Greenaway Art Gallery with director Paul Greenaway.

Group exhibition: LOCKDOWN

GAGPROJECTS presents the group exhibition LOCKDOWN.

Imants Tillers: The Path Itself

Roslyn Oxley9 presents work by Imants Tillers.

Artist Profile: Imants Tillers

Imants Tillers’ themes of displacement, exile and the legacy of European conquest strike a particular note for Latvians, whose own history is marked by invasion, occupation, and diasporic dispersion.


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