Curator’s Radar: Megan Cope

The critical significance of Cope’s practice, both to contemporary art and to the broader culture, is undeniable; its conceptual currency in the present climate of reactionary nationalistic sentiment cannot be underestimated.

Under the Radar: Mehwish Iqbal

In 2019, Mehwish Iqbal had her first solo exhibition with Nanda\Hobbs in Sydney, and the unusual nature of her work left audiences intrigued.

Collectors Love: Kevin Chin

Kevin Chin’s increasing success owes as much to his compositional, narrative deftness and masterful painting abilities as it does his sheer hard work.

Notable Awards: Jack Lanagan Dunbar

Joining the illustrious line up of the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship is 2019’s winner Jack Lanagan Dunbar, who took the coveted prize for his series Pantheon.

Debutantes: Tira Walsh

Coming from a background in competitive sports as a youngster, Tira Walsh feels at home negotiating action in the moment, with visualisation and risk taking.

Curator’s Radar: Renee So

Renee So’s ceramics of bearded men are often blackened like idols or antique vessels.

Cool Hunter Predictions: Nadia Hernández

As part of the Venezuelan diaspora who settled in Australia, artist Nadia Hernández tells me she can’t help but respond to the political, social and environmental atrocities being committed in her home country.

Liste Basel Art Fair postponed

Liste Art Fair organisers hopeful for a COVID-free September as it announces its new dates.

Maria Fernanda Cardoso wins 2020 NSW Visual Arts Established Fellow

The Sydney-based multimedia artist awarded $50,000 grant.

Melbourne Art Fair rescheduled

Fair moved to Feb 2021.