Debutantes: Dylan Mooney

Dylan Mooney, a Yuwi, Torres Strait and South Sea Islander artist, works in a medium not traditionally associated with Aboriginal art: digital drawing on an iPad.

Cool Hunter Predictions: Min Wong

Min Wong’s artwork explores the commodification of spirituality through an expanded sculptural practice.

Nine new commissions announced for Sydney Modern Project

The expansion of the Art Gallery of New South Wales is due for completion late 2022.

VIDEO: Pull Focus with Emily Ferretti

Watch artist Emily Ferretti in conversation with Louise Martin-Chew about her work 'Falling Tree'.

Artist Profile: Pilar Mata Dupont

Reflecting on a haunting familial past, Pilar Mata Dupont grapples with the fractured narrative of her ancestry in dark, beautiful and theatrical images.

Artist Profile: Judy Darragh

In forms from photography to installation, Judy Darragh takes us into spaces of both memory and physical experience, along the way combining the social, political and personal.

Artist Profile: Jonathan Dalton

Challenging us to decipher what is real and what is unreal, Jonathan Dalton asks us to keep our critical thinking at the fore.

Artist Profile: Joan Ross

In works that comment on collecting, both institutional and personal, Joan Ross attempts a rewrite of history, but in a witty, self-effacing way.

Collector’s Dossier: Guy Warren

A centenarian and a visionary, Guy Warren has long been counted among the greats of Australian art, and he’s not finished yet.

Artist Profile: Gemma Smith

Gemma Smith is a gamer. She courts us into her arena, controls us and outwits us before changing the game we didn’t even know we were playing.