Firstdraft celebrates 10 years of fundraising for artist support

Firstdraft’s 10th anniversary fundraising auction features work donated by more than 80 artists

Words: Elle Picton

Firstdraft’s annual fundraising auction returns this August for its 10th anniversary edition.

Located in Wooloomooloo, Sydney, Australia’s oldest artist-run space stages this auction – this year featuring work donated by more than 80 artists – as an important part of its mission to operate in support of emerging and experimental practice. “Firstdraft provides significant opportunities for early-career artists, curators, writers and arts professionals,” notes general manager, Georgia Hobbs. “Over our 33-year history, Firstdraft has built a dedicated community for our ambitious and innovative artistic program, which positions artists first.”

With the bulk of the funds raised from the auction put back into Firstdraft’s dynamic program, the event is not just a fun night out in support of a good cause. It’s also a unique chance for collectors to acquire great art by some of Australia’s most well-known artists. This year’s donations include works by Daniel Boyd, Joan Ross, Noel McKenna, Koji Ryui, Lindy Lee, Paul Yore and Tony Albert, among many others.

“The auction is a crucial fundraising initiative for the organisation, allowing us to continue to realise our mission” says Hobbs. “Support from artists and collectors at this event in invaluable.”

Firstdraft 2019 auction artists:

Abdul Rahman Abdullah, Aida Azin, Alex Seton, Amber Boardman, Amber Koroluk-Stephenson, Anna McMahon, Anna Pogossova, Anne Zahalka, Ara Dolation, Belem Lett, Blake Lawrence, Celia Gullett, Chris Dolman, Clara Adolphs, Clare Thackway, Dane Lovett, Danie Mellor, Daniel Boyd, David Griggs, Dean Cross, Dennis Golding, Elena Papanikolakis, Eloise Kirk, Emily Hunt, Emma Finneran, Exotic.cancer, Genevieve Felix Reynolds, Greg Hodge, Guy James Whitworth, Hannah Bronte, Heath Franco, Jack Harman, James Lieutenant, Jana Hawkins-Andersen, Jason Phu, Jayanto Tan, Jesse Rye, Joan Ross, Kai Wasikowski, Karen Black, Kate Vassalo, Ken Done, Khaled Sabsasi, Koji Ryui, Lindy Lee, Lisa Sammut, Lynda Draper, Maggie Brink, Marikit Santiago, Marilyn Schneider, Mason Kimber, Mechelle Bounpraseuth, Megan Cope, Mitchell Ferrie, Nabilah Nordin & Nick Modrzewski, Nathan Beard, Neil Beedie, Nick Santoro, Noel McKenna, Paul Yore, Pedro Ramos, Phuong Ngo, Rainbow Chan, Rattus Rat Bedlington, Rebecca Gallo, Rebecca Selleck, Riley Payne, Roberta Rich, Sabella D’Souza, Sally Anderson, Sam Leach, Sarah Brasier, Sarah Edmondson, Scott Duncan, Shivanjani Lal, Simon Gardam, Tara Marynowsky, Teelah George, Tina Havelock Stevens, Tom Blake, Tony Albert, Trent Whitehead, Zoe Wong

With more to be announced…

Firstdraft’s Annual Fundraising Auction will be held on Friday 2 August 2019 from 6pm at Firstdraft, Sydney.

Image: Firstdraft Auction, 2018. Photo: Document Photography


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