Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert opens its doors

Sally Dan-Cuthbert opens her first commercial gallery in Sydney with a strong starting stable.

Words: Rosy Leake

Contemporary art and design are often at odds. But Sydney’s Sally Dan-Cuthbert hopes to change that. Recently opening her first commercial space Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert in Sydney’s Rushcutters Bay, the prominent art consultant turned gallerist plans to exhibit and curate solo and group shows by emerging, mid-career and established artists and designers. Her new space will focus specifically on the importance of the marriage between contemporary art and collectable design pieces.

With an established career in art dealership and consultancy, Dan-Cuthbert has lined up an impressive starting stable of artists including Lisa Reihana, Marion Borgelt, Jacky Redgate, Sally Smart and Tarryn Gill, as well as designers including Rive Roshan, Trent Jansen, Michael Gittings and Darren Fry.

The gallery space itself sits somewhere in between traditional white cube and contemporary warehouse. It’s purpose-built and brings together natural and architectural elements championing light and aspect.

“Most of us do not live or work in white boxes, so to fully appreciate art and objects, all pieces need to complement each other,” notes Dan-Cuthbert. “It’s a delicate balance and a carefully choreographed dance that needs to unfold between all the elements in a room. It’s the curating of multiple layers of artworks that gives rise to the greatest emotional response”.

The gallery’s first show is a group exhibition featuring 29 artists and designers and continues until 22 September.

Image: Sally Dan-Cuthbert Gallery, Rushcutters Bay. Credit: Billy Zammit. 


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