A: 23 Foster St, Surry Hills NSW Australia

P: +61 2 9188 8933

E: info@piermarq.com.au

W: piermarq.com.au


Group Exhibition: Echoed Vistas

PIERMARQ* presents a group exhibition.

Javier Ruiz: Espectáculo de una noche / One Night Show

PIERMARQ* presents new work by Javier Ruiz.

Maximilian Daniels: Slow the Leaf Falls

PIERMARQ* presents work by Maximilian Daniels.

Preston Daniels and Jeremy Shockley: If Hollywood Don’t Need Us

PIERMARQ* presents new work by Preston Daniels and Jeremy Shockley.

Culture Vault: Digital Twin

PIERMARQ* Projects presents a group exhibition by Culture Vault.

Jake Clark: Solo Exhibition

PIERMARQ* presents work by Jake Clarke.

Ces McCully: Heroes & Villains

PIERMARQ* presents a new body of work by Ces McCully.

PIERMARQ* at Sydney Contemporary: Group Exhibition

PIERMARQ* presents a group exhibition at Sydney Contemporary.

Galina Munroe: Beware the Quiet Woman

PIERMARQ* presents an exhibition of works by Galina Munroe.

Cannon Dill: Heat of the Valley

PIERMARQ* presents an exhibition of works by Cannon Dill.

Humberto Poblete-Bustamante: We Don’t Need Another Hero

PIERMARQ* presents new work by Humberto Poblete-Bustamante.

Auckland Art Fair postponed

Auckland Art Fair announces postponement amidst coronavirus fears.

And the Auckland Art Fair galleries are…

Auckland Art Fair announces 2020 participating galleries + a special ticket offer.


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