Judith Neilson: A Travelling Eye

The art collection Judith Neilson displays at White Rabbit, her acclaimed private museum, is very different from the collection on show at her Sydney oceanfront home. But the approach is the same: confident and playful.

Lindsay Clement-Meehan: The Model Millennial

Sydney-based Lindsay Clement-Meehan typifies a new breed of young collector, championing the artists of her own generation.

Lorraine Tarabay & Nick Langley: Remarkable Collectors

For both Tarabay and Langley, art has been a way of staying connected with the world despite busy careers.

Sandra Powell & Andrew King: Remarkable Collectors

It’s enough to make the conservative art collector shudder.

James Emmett and Peter Wilson: The art machine

The double-sided, moveable art racks rotating throughout the internal floors of Peter Wilson and James Emmett's Sydney warehouse tell but a part of a life story fuelled by art.
Karina Harris and Neil Hobbs

Karina Harris and Neil Hobbs: A never-ending story

The home of Karina Harris and Neil Hobbs begs only one question: What is not art?
Arthur Roe collector

Arthur Roe: The eyes have it

In 1997 Arthur Roe picked up the launch issue of Art Collector magazine shortly after he began collecting art. Little did he know that 21 years later, his collection of more than 850 works would land him on our pages.
Gibbs Farm

Gibbs Farm: A creative adventure

Gibbs Farm sculpture park is home to a series of major site specific artworks commissioned from some of the world's most significant artists.
Teresa & Andre Biet

Teresa & Andre Biet: Art Incubators

There's artworks abound in the Sydney Harbour-side apartment of Teresa and Andre Biet. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Brian Tucker: Artkeeper

Do remote artists get ripped off by the Art Centres that sell their work? No, says collector Brian Tucker. He knows because he is their auditor.