Rex Butler

Based in: Naarm/Melbourne, Australia

Rex Butler works in the Faculty of Art Design and Architecture at Monash University. He has just published a collection of 25 years of his critical writings as Double Displacement: Queensland Art 1992-2016 and has recently completed Outside In: 10 Essays on UnAustralian Art with ADS Donaldson for Power Publishing. He is currently working on Stanley Cavell and the Arts, a book on the American “ordinary language” philosopher Stanley Cavell.


Pat Brassington: Something beautiful & its antithesis

Pat Brassington has established herself as one of the most important Australian artists working today.

In the works: Art History 101

Visual arts 101: lessons in influential artworks and their significance.
Jemima Wyman

Jemima Wyman: Camouflage of art

Jemima Wyman brings the contemporary backdrop of protest to the fore in her visual practice.
Koji Ryui

Koji Ryui: Alchemist of the everyday

Koji Ryui flouts the rules of sculpture and installation with ethereal results.