Louise Martin-Chew

Based in: Meeanjin/Brisbane, Australia

Louise Martin-Chew has been writing about the visual arts for 25 years, freelance since 1992. Her publications include Linde Ivimey (UQ Art Museum, 2012) and she is co-author (with Judy Watson) of Judy Watson: blood language (Miegunyah Press, MUP, 2009) and Australian Stories: Robert Brownhall (with Virginia Rigney) (Brownhall, 2012). She contributed essays to Dark Rituals and Magical Relics (University of Sunshine Coast Gallery, 2018), Davida Allen: In the Moment (Griffith University Art Museum, 2018), Black Opium: Fiona Foley (State Library of Queensland, 2010), Forbidden: Fiona Foley (MCA Sydney and UQ Art Museum Brisbane, 2009) and many others at both institutions and commercial galleries. She has received three New Work Grants (Established) from the Australia Council of the Arts (2010, 2012, 2014). She is currently finalising a doctorate which comprises a biography of Fiona Foley (Creative Writing, University of Queensland, 2016-2018) and other projects include the recent award of a John Oxley Fellowship at the State Library of Queensland (2019-2020) with historian Matthew Wengert (toward a visual history of the Queensland Government Printing Office) and developing an exhibition on Fiona Foley (under the auspices of a 2019 Graduate Digital Fellowship at the University of Queensland). Martin-Chew also works as a public art consultant and contributes regularly to Art Collector, Art Guide, Artist Profile, Eyeline, Art Monthly and more.


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