Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre

A: PMB 188 Ali Curung 0872 NT

P: +61 482 909 952



Facebook: Arlpwe Art

Instagram: @arlpwe_art_gallery

Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre is an Aboriginal owned art centre and gallery specialising in painting, craft (artefacts, jewellery, appropriation of pre-existing objects), and multimedia art. Since 2008, it has been supporting the contemporary cultural expression of artists from Ali Curung, a remote community located in the Northern Territory, 170km south of Tennant Creek and 380km north of Alice Springs. Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre proposes painting and craft workshops for visitors wanting to experience Aboriginal art practices with the local artists. Every year during the NAIDOC week, the art centre organises a traditional dance festival celebrating the four language groups living in the community:  Kaytetye, Allawara, Warlpiri and Warumungu.

Arlpwe (pronounced Arlboe) means, “…this country all over, no waterhole, no rivers, only soakage and spinifex country”. Visitors are welcome from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. The art studio is open to the general public from Monday to Thursday 10am to 2pm. The art gallery is open to the general public by appointment.

Featured Image: artist Martha Nakamarra Poulson. Photo: Diane Din Ebongue. Courtesy: Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre.


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