Maruku Arts

A: Lot 260, Maruku Precinct, Mutitjulu, NT

P: +61 408 399 173



Facebook: maruku.arts

Instagram: @marukuarts

Maruku literally means “belonging to black”. This is because Maruku is owned and operated by Anangu (Aboriginal people from the Western and Central Deserts). For 35 years Maruku has operated as a not-for-profit arts and craft corporation across 22 communities in the NPY Lands, serving over 500 artists. Maruku are the only organisation concentrating on punu (wood carving). Their purpose is to keep culture strong through art, tours and cultural experiences. Maruku is an important source of income for artists living in remote communities. Our Pununman and woman drive out to the communities to pick up the carvings, from Finke, through the APY Lands to Docker River, Tjuntjunjara and to all the communities as far as Warburton. Maruku hold workshops with artists and families to develop and keep punu alive. Their goal is to make people aware of the unique beautiful wooden sculptures that come from the heart of Australia.

List of current artists:

  • Niningka Lewis
  • Cynthia Burke
  • Dallas Smythe
  • Rene Kulitja
  • Billy & Lulu Cooley
  • Francine Kulitja
  • Sandy Willie
  • Kathryn Queama
  • Pantjiti McKenzie
  • Brett & Adele Jennings
  • Marc Morris
  • Errol Evans & Tanya Singer

Commercial gallery partners:

  • APY Galleries
  • Art Mob
  • Artmark Gallery
  • Artsite
  • Burgman College Gallery
  • Central Craft
  • Coeeart
  • Frame 88
  • Ngurra Gallery
  • Paul Johnstone Gallery
  • Raft
  • Redot
  • Salon Art Project
  • Sturt Gallery
  • Suzanne O’Conell Gallery
  • Talapi
  • Tunbridge Gallery
  • Vivien Anderson Gallery
  • Voyages Gallery
  • Yaama Ganu
  • Karen Zadra Gallery

Image: Dallas Smythe, Tali Walka (detail). Pyropen etching on punu piti, 2018, Maruku Arts.


Maruku Arts

Nyinkka Nyunyu