Bula’Bula Arts

A: PMB 161, Winnellie, NT

P: +61 8 8979 7911

E: info@bulabula.com.au

W: bulabula.com.au

I: @bulabulaarts

The core objective of Bula’bula Arts is to preserve and foster Yolngu culture. The artists of Ramingining and surrounding outstations paint stories depicting cultural storytelling and law. The artists also create finely crafted woven objects of traditional ritual and ceremonial significance. These weavings are made from bush fibres and dyed with natural dyes harvested from the surrounding jungle.

The remote location of the Art Centre enables the Yolngu to maintain strong cultural identity and allow continuity of Aboriginal law and governance through storytelling, ceremony, hunting, fishing and cultural practices. Bula’bula Arts represents 150 artists from Ramingining and surrounding homelands.

Visitors and collectors can access this remote Art Centre, located in the heart of the Arafura wetlands in North East Arnhem Land, via special arrangement. Please contact the Art Centre via email to organise a visit.

Image: Roy Burnyila, painting, 2019. Acrylic on canvas 86 x 97cm.