Mardbalk Arts & Crafts

A: Lot 44/174, Warruwi Community, Goulburn Island, NT Australia

P: +61 8 8979 0113


Instagram: @mardbalkart

Mardbalk Arts & Crafts at Mardbalk Arts Centre is community owned and managed, located in the Warruwi Community on South Goulburn Island in the Arafura Sea, West Arnhem Land. Because of family links and visiting artists, the Art Centre gallery displays clan artworks from various regions, including traditional and contemporary artworks from the Kunwingu, Yolngu and Desert regions, as well as local Arrakpi art and crafts.

The gallery has freshwater and saltwater inspired barks, paper and canvas paintings, carvings, hunting tools, ceremonial items, shell and seed jewellery and a range of pandanus works including sculptures, baskets, mats homewares and woven jewellery.

Featured image: Andrew Lungguy, Turtle on Rocks. Wooden Sculpture. Courtesy: the artist and Mardbalk Arts.


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