Warmun Art Centre

A: Great Northern Highway, Warmun WA

P: +61 8 9168 7496

E: manager@warmunart.com.au

W: warmunart.com.au

F: warmunartcentre

I: @warmunartcentre

Warmun Art Centre celebrates and encourages the expression of Gija culture through the arts. The Centre supports the continued development of innovative contemporary art using ochres and natural pigments by both established and emerging Warmun artists.

Established in 1998, the community-owned and controlled arts enterprise was influenced by the late members of the contemporary painting movement in Warmun such as Rover Thomas, Queenie McKenzie, Madigan Thomas and Hector Jandany.

These elders recognised and responded to the need for a community-owned and controlled Centre through which they could support, maintain and promote Gija art, language and culture. Warmun Art Centre is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm, or by appointment.