Kaiela Arts

A: 490-520 Wyndham St, Shepparton, VIC

P: +61 3 58219842

E: info@kaielaarts.org.au

W: kaielaarts.org.au

Facebook: kaielaarts

Instagram: @kaielaarts

KAIELA ARTS in Shepparton, established in 2006 and situated within the traditional lands of the Yorta Yorta Nation, opened the doors of its new purpose built gallery and studio space in the new SAM (Shepparton Art Museum) building in 2021. The new Kaiela Arts Centre features a polished concrete floor with inlayed designs in brass and granite designed by Kaiela Arts artists and furnishings throughout the building featuring screen printed fabric designs by its artists.

Designed by architect Denton Corker Marshall the building joins Kaiela Arts with the Shepparton Art Museum and Visitor Centre. The art produced out of Kaiela Arts drives important outcomes for both its artists and the broader Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community. The Centre prides itself on sharing knowledge with art and objects that carry stories of Country and Aboriginal people in a contemporary way.

Its gallery and shop is a point of sale for the work of its artists and provides the centre’s partners and people from all backgrounds with a place to gain understanding of Aboriginal culture and acquire local Aboriginal art. Kaiela Arts, one of two registered Art Centres in Victoria has built collaborative relationships with other art centres across Australia and is one of the more than 70 Aboriginal art centres to be represented at the Darwin Aboriginal ArtFair annually.

The Centre differentiates itself as promoting the traditional linear and Xray styles of the South Eastern Aboriginal people. These styles come from Country and resonate thousands of years of culture practiced in the region. Kaiela Arts artists reference these styles in contemporary expression using techniques which provide a powerful statement of well developed aesthetics and visibility of a thriving contemporary Aboriginal culture in Victoria.

Kaiela Arts artists have been commissioned to produce works for major institutions such as Monash University, RMIT, Shepparton Arts Museum Building and numerous Victoria hospitals. Kaiela Arts is open seven days a week from 10am to 4pm on weekdays and 10am to 3pm on weekends.

Artists include:

Eric Brown, Tammy-Lee Atkinson, Jack Anselmi, Lyn Thorpe, Auntie Cynthia Hardie, Auntie Amy Briggs, Auntie Laurel Robinson, Dylan Charles, Norm Stewart, Eva Ponting, Suzanne Atkinson, Tiarne Hall, Chloe Jones, Melissa Cowan, Melissa Taylor, Cecelia Taylor, Brett Wilson, Troy Firebrace

Commercial partners:

VIC: Mitchelton Aboriginal Art Gallery, Nagambie; Everywhen Artspace, Flinders; Spacecraft Studio, Melbourne

Image: Eric Brown and Jack Anselmi, Spacecraft Studio Collingwood Melbourne, 2020. Photo: Danica Miller. Courtesy: Kaiela Arts.


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