Ltyentye Apurte Traditional Craft Centre

A: Santa Teresa, NT Australia
PO Box 4246 Alice Springs 0871

P: +61 8 8956 0624



Facebook: Atyenhenge Atherre Aboriginal Corporation – AAAC 

Instagram: @traditional_craft_centre

The Ltyentye Apurte Traditional Craft Centre was founded by Arrernte men living in the Ltyentye Apurte community who learnt the art of making wooden tools, instruments and weapons from elders in their families and the community. It is a social enterprise run with administrative support from Atyenhenge Atherre Aboriginal Corporation.

The Traditional Craft Centre maintains a strong theme of intergeneration knowledge transfer which the artists draw on and which inspires them to share their knowledge with younger generations.

The Traditional Craft Centre is a 100% Arrernte owned Aboriginal Art Centre and a proud member of Desart.

Image: Clinton Oliver and Jane Oliver, Boomerang/alye, 2023. Mulga (Acacia aneura) and acrylic paint, 27cm. Courtesy: the artists and Ltyentye Apurte Traditional Craft Centre.


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