Numbulwar Numburindi Arts

A: Store Lot 96, Numbulwar Community, NT

P: 0430 293 537



Facebook: NumbulwarNumburindiArts

Instagram: @numbulwar

BUILT ON self-determination, Numbulwar Numburindi Arts (NNA) is a collective of artists whose mission is to keep culture strong. Established in 2019, Numbulwar’s first Art Centre is 100 percent owned and controlled by the community. Born from the community’s desire to practice and engage with traditional culture, NNA is a space for artistic and cultural expression. Champions of fibre art, NNA artists marry naturally-dyed and locally harvested pandanus with bright and bold ghost nets, abandoned fishing line retrieved from Numbulwar’s shoreline. Their Wulbung (baskets) and Yir (dillybags) fit as  naturally in traditional applications as they do in contemporary, urban environments.

Numbulwar sits on the Rose River and belongs to the Nunggayinbala clan, one of the Wubuy or Nunggubuyu speaking clans from the region. Ceremonial activities are still very important within the region and occur regularly. Numbulwar Numburindi Arts is open Tuesday to Thursday from 11am to 3pm. The drive from Darwin to Numbulwar is approximately 10 hours, and is not recommended during the wet season from November to April.

Other transport options include the mail plane from Katherine, a charter flight, or a boat from Groote Eylandt.

Artists include:

Yulki Nunggumajbarr, Rose Wilfred, Janette Murrungun, Mawungumain Nundhirribala, Madulu Nundhirribala, Jangu Nundhirribala, Nicole Wilfred, May Wilfred, Virginia Wilfred, Joy Wilfred, Jocelyn Wilfred, Joyce Murunggun, Florence Murrungun, Megan Ngalmi.

Commercial partners:

NSW: Koskela, Rosebery; Aboriginal Contemporary, Waverley; Sturt Gallery, Mittagong
VIC: Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy

Image: Woven grass mat and Wulbung (Basket) made with raw and naturally-dyed pandanus by Numbulwar artists. Photo courtesy of Enterprise Learning Projects. Courtesy: Numbulwar Numburindi Arts.