Papulankutja Artists

A: Blackstone Community, Ngaanyatjarra Lands, WA

P: +61 8 8956 7586

M: +61 477 567 537



Facebook: papulankutjaart

Papulankutja Artists (Blackstone) is a remote Aboriginal Community, located at the foothills of the Blackstone Ranges within the Ngaanyatjarra Lands. The Art Centre is a small community-based enterprise focusing on providing a means for the Ngaanyatjarra people of Papulankutja to earn an income.

Papulankutja Artists evolved out of the Women’s Centre where painting has been encouraged as an activity since 2001. Papulankutja Artists was registered as an Aboriginal Corporation in 2004. This was a significant milestone as the artists were able to govern their Art Centre independently. In 2009, Papulankutja Artists moved into a purpose-built Art Centre with rooms for men and women to paint.

Alongside their unique painting style, Papulankutja artists are known for their innovative fibre work and carvings from local wood. As Yarnangu custodians, the artists play a major role in maintaining culture, law, and storytelling practices which are still relevant and commonplace across the lands. The Art Centre also works with Mantamaru (Jameson), a community 75 kilometres to the west, as part of the regional arts outreach program. There are now more than 100 artists at Papulankutja and Mantamaru benefitting from working under the umbrella of Papulankutja Artists.

Featured artists:

Anawari Inpiti Mitchell

Angilyiya Tjapiti Mitchell

Ethel Kanpatja Holland

Janet Nyunmitji Forbes

Jennifer Nginana Mitchell

Julie Renita Woods

Jimmy Donegan

Lawrence Mitchell

Maime Nginytja Butler

Nora Nginana Davidson

Sarah Josephine Lane

Yayimpi Claudia Lewis

Image: Angilyiya Tjapiti Mitchell, Papulankutja Artists 2019. Photo: Sara Twigg-Patterson